Pelican Charters is based in Southeast Alaska near the fishing village of Pelican. We are 100 miles northeast of Sitka and 100 miles southwest of Juneau. Pelican is situated on Lisianski Inlet, 15 miles from the Gulf of Alaska. The inlet and adjacent Lisianski Straits offer fjord-like scenery. Pelican is accessible only by boat, daily float plane service from Juneau, less frequent float plane service from Sitka, or biweekly State ferry service

The population of Pelican is about 250 persons during the summer. The fish processing and cold storage plant is the main employer. Located in the town is a general store, post office, liquor store, steam bath, restaurant, two bars, marine repair, souvenir shop, health center, and church. The town is famous for its wood boardwalk serving as a road.


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